WarOnRugs Rug Pulls Fairmoon, Steals $500,000

WarOnRugs is a group claiming to be working on identifying the scams in the crypto space. They are not claiming to identify the scams but also pursuing them. So it causes the rug-pulling of Fairmoon itself and steals $5000 in their user’s funds. The gross pulled the Fairmoon rugs last night, and the facts also came to light. It discloses that 500 million Fair tooken stolen and sold for BNB and is now under the control of a wallet developer named Shappy. So the WarOnRugs spend weeks accusing the safe moon of being a scam. But when it comes to the crypto light, it becomes very little what previously appeared in the market.

Fairmoon Token Burn Was WarOnRugs Exit Scam

Before moving to any other discussion, it is essential to know about Fairmoon. It is a virtual platform with a direct association with cryptocurrency and was created by WarOnRugs. The fairmoon platform desires to run or operate the cryptocurrency market after filtering and outing the scams in space. We all know about the different scams in the crypto market, which introduce a solid safemoon for cryptocurrency asset holders.

Fairmoon will launch in march, but the liquidity pool on the Binance smart chain already reaches several hundred thousand. It has a 10 percent token burn, but the cryptocurrency community is looking to reduce the currency supply.

However, the positivity that we all have on fairmoon became a concern, mainly when the $50000 fair tooken were sold only for the 11170 BNB tokens. Keep in mind that these $50000 tokens are supposed to be burned.

However, there is a massive quell, and admins try to calm them. They suggest that the WarOnRugs team liquidity pools each other to burn the amount. They also ask the users to stop trading as changes in funds loss increase. Later on, it came into the media through social media presences of WarOnRugs and fairmoons about the actual activity.

Shappy is the one who has gone rough and rugged on the fairmoon.

So the fact is WarOnRugs itself rug pulled the fairmoon, especially after damning the criticism of safemoon. They want to rise or rank up their presence in the history of cryptocurrency. Later on, WarOnRugs deleted the Twitter handle, but before that, a series of tweets explained the abruption to many people and their money.

BSC Shitcoins Are a Risky Venture

Fairmoon also has a telegram group, and the group members also talk about losing their six figures sums due to WarOnRugs. They betray their principles and pull the fairmoon by giving examples of new investments. Remember that Shitcoins are risky, and think twice before investing in them. Moreover, no big projects can only make you a millionaire in one night. But these kinds of projects have the potential to break you overnight like WarOnRugs rug pulls the fairmoon.

We hope this guide will help you know how WarOnRugs pull fairmoon and steal the $50000 that is an asset of different owners in the community.

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