Where is Crypto on the Wall Street Cheat Sheet?

Do you want to understand the crypto market cycle? The wall street cheat sheet is one of the excellent guides for tracking the market’s ups and downs. The cheat sheet follows the emotion of investors.

The wall street cheat sheet will indicate the market sentiments, especially during the asset cycles. In 2014, Damien Hoffman created the emotions chart by following the traders and asset holders who faced the market’s ups and downs.

If we talk about Bitcoin, it faced the top trends nine months ago, but now we are looking at the wall street cheat sheet for the following directions.

So crypto or other asset holders have strong connections with wall street cheat sheets. It has different faces as markets go up and down.

Now here we will share the crypto status on a wall street cheat sheet that will help you in specific ways if you are also holding some crypto coins.

So let’s dive into it.

Approaching Anger

Approaching Anger

As we already said, the wall street cheat sheet will forecast the investor’s bias during the ups and downs of the market cycle. The Wall Street cheat sheet results are primarily accurate for cryptocurrencies.

It is a fact that the crypto market is moving up and down so rapidly. It is the real essence of crypto that nobody can predict its next movement in the market. Crypto holders can feel the emotional change from one stage to the next overnight. However, different case studies also represent the recent ups and downs in crypto coins or wall street cheat sheets.

The latest wall street cheat sheet shows the immediate panic and capitulation in the last few months. So it shows that asset holders are going through different phases and are about to go from more dynamic movements. Here comes the anger phase, where they reach the bottom lines of death or stagnate to worse stages. The anger condition started getting worse and worse. Again if we take Bitcoin as an example, it returns to $14k from the flushing stage. So it is the point of anger where you can not find any sign of hope.

Depression is increasing

Depression is increasing

The wall street cheat sheet shows the optimization of the depression stage. Case studies related to crypto on wall street cheat sheets show that the anger phase enters the depression phase. So the cycle is completed enough and almost passes every market cycle phase.

If we compare the wall street cheat sheet related to crypto with the sheet of 2018 to 2019, then the latest cycle is the longest. However, time is still going, and anger stages into depression.

NFTs still have better worth, and they cost six figures in the market. It is also a fact that markets need plenty of corrections to boost rates. Now the crypto on the wall street cheat sheet is at a depression stage due to its downward trends.

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